Who we are | What we do

Founded in 1877, we are a company of open-minded pioneers with a proven history of innovation. A global leader in digital printing and imaging, it is our mission to invent, create and accelerate global digital technologies and connect them to local products and services. As a kick-starter headquartered in Europe’s most inventive region, we develop hardware and software solutions for blue-chip multinationals around the globe as well as for creative studios around the corner.

How we do it

To facilitate technological breakthroughs efficiently; to explore personalized solutions collaboratively; and to create on-demand solutions in environmentally friendly ways—this is the passion driving our business, our culture and our people today.

Why we do it

Because in a world driven by images, our role is to imagine new ways to reproduce them. Within a global network focused on capturing the moment, we’re responsible for recreating those moments in memorable ways.